The CGFI tracks changes in freight costs for Canadian Shippers. The index is published monthly and the results are based on a statistically valid sample of transactions taken from the Nulogx database of more than $750M in annual freight transactions.

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September 25, 2019

Total Freight Costs Decrease 1.1% in July

Results published today by the Canadian General Freight Index (CGFI) indicate that the Total Cost of ground transportation for Canadian Shippers decreased by 1.1% in July, as compared with June results.

The Base Rate Index, which excludes the impact of Accessorial Charges assessed by carriers, decreased by 0.7% in July.

Average Fuel Surcharges assessed by Carriers decreased this month.  Fuel was 16.39% of Base Rates in July versus 17% in June. 

“Total Freight Costs decreased by 1.1% from last month,” said Doug Payne, President & COO, Nulogx. ”All segments decreased led by Cross Border LTL. Year over year, Cross Border LTL and Domestic LTL remain above last years level, while Cross Border TL remains slightly below last years level. Domestic Truckload, however, is trailing well below last year’s level,” continued Payne.

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This is a summary showing Total Freight Costs for over the road shipments starting in January 2008.
This chart depicts only General Freight  shipments and includes all accessorial and fuel surcharges.
It excludes specialty freight services, rail, air, ocean and courier shipments. Freight services paid in US currency have been translated into Canadian dollars based on the exchange rate applicable on the shipment date.

Overall – Base Freight Costs

This chart shows the change in Base Freight Costs over the last 12 months for Canadian shippers. The data presented is the same as the General Freight Index above, except that all costs associated with separately identified Fuel Surcharges and Other Accessorial charges has been removed from the analysis.

Overall – Fuel Surcharge Index

This chart shows the changing Fuel Surcharge rates paid by Canadian Shippers. The Fuel Surcharge data shown is expressed as a percentage of the overall Base Freight Cost paid by shippers in the study sample.